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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Golden Village - We want a piece of your memory of GV Yishun since 1992!

Type of contest: Email and Win

How to win :
Be a part of the history of GV Yishun! Send us your GV Yishun mementoes.

Where were you in May 1992?
Were you at GV Yishun to witness the opening of Singapore's first Cineplex?
Even if you weren't at the Grand Opening, you must have experienced the wonders of watching a film at GV Yishun

We want a piece of your memory of GV Yishun, 18 years ago.

GV is planning a historical journey of the early days of GV Yishun. We are calling all moviegoers to contribute towards our showcase of GV Yishun memorabilia. These mementos or collectibles can be old photographs taken at the early days of the Cineplex, 1992 GV Yishun movie stubs, smart cards, posters, or any collectibles that depict GV Yishun when it first opened.

Please send the following information to
1) photographs of your souvenir, keepsake, written memoirs or any reminder items
2) your contact details including your name, contact number, email or home address
3) indicate whether you wish the items to be returned to you after the party

Click to participate:

Prize: Participants who have their collectible selected and displayed will receive a goodie bag and a pair of free tickets to attend the "Temporary Closure" party at GV Yishun, in August.

Deadline: 2 July 2010

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