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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Air Asia GP Challenge

Type of contest: Online Game

How to win :
To qualify for the Contest, the Participants will have to do the following:

Contest Mechanism:

a. Sign up on the microsite
b. Submit their best time before the closing date of each Phase.
c. The Participant with the overall fastest time wins the Grand Prize.
d. In the event that the participant does not achieve the fastest time, his/her best time will be saved for the next Phase of the GP Challenge

There are 5 rounds to this contest. Each round is referred to as a "Phase". Each Phase’s period is as follows:

Phase 1 : 9 March 2010 to 19 March 2010
Phase 2 : 20 March 2010 to 26 March 2010
Phase 3 : 27 March 2010 to 9 April 2010
Phase 4 : 10 April 2010 to 1 June 2010
Phase 5 : 10 June 2010 to 15 August 2010

Click to participate:

There will be 1 Grand Prize for each Phase.

Each Grand Prize includes:
2 x return flights (Kuala Lumpur - destination of GP race)+ 3 days/2 nights (subject to flight schedule and seat availability) accommodation for 2 + 2 x grandstand tickets + exclusive tour of the AT&T Williams pit

- Winners from the local cities will not receive accommodation as part of the prize.
- Winners having to travel to a race via Kuala Lumpur (e.g. London - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore) will be given a return flight inclusive of flights from their country of departure.

Note: Exclusive tour of the AT&T Williams pit will be held at the discretion of AT&T Williams.

Consolation Prize:
2X Consolation Prize: Exclusive AT&T Williams - AirAsia cap


All scores for the Contest must be submitted and received by:

Phase 1 : 11:59pm (GMT+8) on 19 March 2010
Phase 2 : 11:59pm (GMT+8) on 26 March 2010
Phase 3 : 11:59pm (GMT+8) on 9 April 2010
Phase 4 : 11:59pm (GMT+8) on 1 June 2010
Phase 5 : 11:59pm (GMT+8) on 15 August 2010

*contest opens to everyone

*** Good Luck ***


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