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Monday, March 08, 2010

Fly FM - Up to RM60,00 up for grab in Fly FM Cash Call!

Type of contest: SMS and Win

How to win :
The mechanics of the contest are as follows:
(a) Participant to text in ‘cash’ to 33399 in the Cash Call Hour
(b) the DJ will make a Call to one of the Participants after the cue to SMS;
(c) lucky recipient (Participant) of the Call will be required to answer the phone by saying laughing until they are asked to stop
(d) the Participant that answers the phone by laughing until they are asked to stop will walk away with the Prize; and
(e) the DJ to ask the Participant an off –air question

Click to participate:


Deadline: Ending on 26th of March 2010 or until the total Prize of RM60, 000.00 has been won, whichever comes first

*** Good Luck ***


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