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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Digi : So Easy To Be Famous - Get your face on Digi's online banner ads and be adored by millions!

Type of contest: Creative contest

How to win :
You could be on Digi's online banner ads and idolized by millions!
- Just upload yourself as a VidStar or PhotoStar in our prepared videos or posters. You can also submit your own original videos and photos in each section. You will also appear on Digi's online banner at Yahoo!, MySpace, Friendster, MSN Messenger, Blogs and more!

Click to participate:

Express your celebrity quality and you could star in Digi advertising campaign.

The TOP 20 Rated participants will be featured in Digi online ad banners after the campaign period.

They will be chosen from the Top 10 Rated videos & also Top 10 Rated photos.

The TOP 5 Rated participants will not only be in Digi online ad banners, they will also be featured in Digi Print and TV adverts.

Deadline: 17 April 2010

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