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Thursday, March 18, 2010

(Malaysia) Toyota & I : Lifestyle Photo Contest - Win RM388,000 worth of shopping vouchers!

Type of contest: Photo contest

How to win :
1) Strike your best pose and take a photo with a Toyota Car
2) Bring the photo (4R print) to any Toyota showroom and get a contest form
3) Complete the contest form and submit your entry together with the photo by 18 April 2010

Click to participate:

RM388,000 worth of shopping vouchers

Deadline: 18 April 2010

*** Good Luck ***


Anonymous,  5/20/2010 2:50 PM  

toyota took out the page of this contest, they suppose make the announcement by 16 May 2010. So i call up toyota HQ and ask about it, the told me a funny answer, that the branch that we submit decide who is the winner, and need us to call them to ask, whether you win or lose. I though should make announcement list of all the winner. Then I call the branch, the branch told me, they didn't know that they are the one who decide the winner. What a Jokes..If toyota sincere to giving away the RM388k shopping voucher, they shouldn't delete their competition page and also didn't make announment. Obviously this is a way to cheat their customer to buy new car during the competition period.

Anonymous,  5/21/2010 2:31 PM too. I called and only realize it. what a joke... they said won't make any official announcment on the winner list.

Anonymous,  5/24/2010 12:03 PM  

Another SCAM by big Corporation like Toyota. They only promised shopping voucher worth RM1500 only.

mr.tan,  5/27/2010 12:03 PM  

Plan to buy a family car, but not sure which car to by, my list is proton exora, nissan Grand Livina or toyota innova, finally i choose toyota innova because of this competition, wait until 16 may, then check around the website and no announcement, so i call up Toyota hotline last week 1800-8-869682, then ask them about the competition, they tell me because they update the new website, so they not sure, and tell me to wait and they will call me back soon, but until today no one call, i will call them again next week, hope they not cheat us. will update here again next week.

peter,  5/27/2010 1:12 PM  

my family also submit the contest. And i called up for when is the announcement of the result. hq said branch decide. Branch say they dun know anything. And browse through their site, this competition page already been removed.

jason,  5/27/2010 3:16 PM  

Toyota launch new contest.

but previous I-Love-Contests not yet announce winner? please reply here if someone have any news or result about the previous contents.

Joanne Chan 5/27/2010 5:17 PM  

1st Mr/Miss Anonymous - Thank you for sharing your experience here, although the situation doesn't sound good at all. Can't believe that Toyota, as a such big company would behave this way. I hope they will announce the winner list ASAP!

2nd Mr/Miss Anonymous - Oh, no official announcement for the winner list? Perhaps Toyota will contact the winners directly, hopefully they will get this done soon!

3rd Mr/Miss Anonymous - Too bad!How can they don't keep their words? Disappointment...

Mr. Tan - Hi Mr. Tan, thank you for posting your comment here. I hope you will receive a call from Toyota personnel as soon as possible! Not that only 1 person who wants to know the result of this contest, but there are so many out there who need to know about the winner list. I hope Toyota can be more responsible in handling this issue.

Peter - Feel like being cheated, right? :(

Jason - Hi Jason, I-Love-Contests is purely a platform to post about contests to the public, so it won't announce winner list for any contests, it is the organizer who shall announce the winner list, for this case - Toyota. I guess whoever that have participated in this contest are waiting to check the winner list, but it's just that Toyota hasn't announced it officially.

Jason,  5/27/2010 5:34 PM  

Dear Joanne Chan,
Sorry i want to write i lifestyle contest, but after submit cannot change already. so for now all we can do is wait for them, just scare they tell us we are not winner, they only contact the winner. good luck to all of us : )

Joanne Chan 5/27/2010 11:57 PM  

Jason - True. Perhaps Toyota has already contacted the winners without other concern. Shall listen to their explanation then :) Good luck to you guys!

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